I have spent many hundreds of hours over several years researching the best barefoot training gear I could find. This means that my recommendations are without any uncertainty.

Remember that my choices are not necessarily the most expensive, in some cases more expensive doesn't always translate to being better for the job at hand. The point of this page is to give you the very best recommended gear that is really well priced while being a high-quality standard too. This is kit that I use myself.

Now you've decided to go the barefoot/minimalist training route you will need all the gear to go with it. For this, you will need all the knowledge you can get on what to look for, and some money to spend. It's not the cheapest training lifestyle choice but it not overly expensive either.

The key is that you invest yourself with the right gear to protect your feet with the correct clothing and all-weather protection. I remember going for a run in the wrong kind barefoot shoes just before winter was over. I can't tell you how horrible it is running with frozen toes almost getting frostbite because I didn't have the right shoes on.

Don't rely on chance when choosing your barefoot Gear it will make a big difference in how your training goes.

So think carefully about the choices when you are putting together all the stuff that you need. That way you will help ensure that you can train all year round with a reduced chance of injury. You will also remain in better shape for a little bit longer. I promise you the kit makes a difference.

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