Best Jump Ropes

As a part of my training, one of my most important go-to pieces of kit is my jump rope.

I like to use it to mix things up, as it a good skill to have and if you can do some tricks too even better. It is especially good for loosening up my ankles and claves if I have not done any running for a while. My recommended best Jump Rope is from Crossrope. I have the Plus set (discontinued) but you can get the get fit bundle they do which has everything you need. They cost about $150 for the set.

Not all jump ropes are created equal, I explain in a moment.

With the Crossrope system, you have more than one rope to work with which makes it multi-functional. This is handy depending on what type of training you are doing at the time

What Is It Like To Use?

The Crossrope system works with interchangeable handles and weighted ropes. The ropes are colour coded with several systems to choose from.

They come in already set rope lengths based on your height (S, M L, XL).  Each rope has a connect system at the end, which clips into both ends of the handles.

Here are the ropes in the set I have:

  • 1/4 lb Agility Rope – Black
  • 1/2 lb Energy Rope – Blue
  • 1 lb Intensity Rope – Orange
  • 2 lb Fury Rope – Yellow
  • Rugged Handles

They also have the “Bolt System.” which uses aluminium handles and a ten foot (10 ft) rope length that can be adjusted to fit with your height on the handles using a hex key. This Bolt System was specifically designed for Double-Unders. For barefoot training, I use the bigger ropes which don’t involve double-unders as much, but you can have a look anyway if you would like to get them.

Benefits of Jumping Rope

As you already know jump ropes are not a new piece of kit.

I have used a variety of jump ropes over the years,  from the rouge fitness ones the buddy lee ropes people have been making their own versions of jump ropes forever. Interchangeable weighted ropes and handles have not been available to the mainstream public until only recently.

Jumping rope has a tremendous amount of benefits. There are many athletes, boxers and Crossfitters most notably, that have used jumping rope as a large part of their training.

Why Crossrope?

With your standard jump rope, you get one weight to meet all your training needs. If you want to go heavier then that means a search for another rope and rope supplier. I know you could argue that a rope is a rope but I assure you it is not the case, Heres what I have found,- you get used to the handle, the spin and the feel only to have to get used to another new rope. The Crossrope eliminates all that.

Getting the weighted ropes lined up right and aligned to do my training was not an option before I started using crossrope. Now just take all the ropes you need disconnect when you are done with one and then connect to another.

Training with the heavier ropes helps you work on your upper body at the same time too. Swinging a heavier rope is harder, not only for your shoulders and arms but for your cardiovascular complex too.

Also, if your standard jump rope breaks, you gotta get a new one since the handles and rope are usually in one piece.

The ropes are made of high-quality nylon or PVC coated steel. So they are very durable and not likely to snap.

What does it cost?

They are by no means the cheapest rope on the market so that is a bit of an issue if you are on a budget.

The prices range from $39 to over $150 for me they are worth the money because they last so much longer and I use them several times a week. So the cost of ownership decreases based on the number of uses.

Crossrope App

The Crossrope app for your phone is absolutely brilliant. It doesn’t matter your level of skill with the jump rope. There is a  workout for every level.

All you need to do is choose the type of rope you have and you will get two workouts each for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Once you start the workout you have chosen on the app, a timer gives you a few seconds to get ready.

Then, using a countdown timer, you are told which rope to use. All this is voice prompted


As I said I have tried quite a few jump ropes over the years. I like the fact that with the crossrope I have a system that meets all my needs for cardio and upper body workouts. Especially if I am in a pinch and could not get to a gym.

I think it is a brilliant addition to your training kit.